Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thursday's Ride!!

On Thursday night some of the ponies and babies and also one of my friend's horses needed to go to the farrier. The ponies and babies we trailered to the farrier and then Sharon, Stacey (she owns Venus and Girly), Andrea (she owns Sweet Pea), and I (riding Daisy) all rode over there. This is the second time using the curb bit and she did lots better. She stayed behind the horses like she was supposed to and cantered very nicely. I was so happy. I discussed it with Sharon last night and we have determined Daisy just doesn't like the bit at all and with work she could get used to it using a lighter bit. Not exactly sure which bit we are going to use but Sharon has quite a few so we might get one similar to the Tom Thumb but not quite like it. We shall see. Overall I am very pleased with how Daisy is coming along! We will get this bit thing figured out ;) Thanks to all you guys who have given me input and advice. I really do appreciate it!!

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