Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wednesday's Ride!

Last night I got my first driving lesson. Driving a horse that is. I drove Bean and boy what fun is he to drive. Sharon was in charge of the brake for this first time but I was ok with that. I am not sure exactly how long we were gone but it wasn't more than an hour. Then we tacked up and rode out. I was on Daisy (of course), Sharon was on Bean (all her horses can ride and drive), and Lillian rode Curly with the saddle. I had Daisy in a Tom Thumb bit and she had responded well to that when I was riding around the house there but then when we were cantering and such and I wanted her to stay behind one of the horses she didn't behave (not near like she would have if she would have had the hackamore on). She did perfect beside the horses or in front but if she was behind the lead horse she had an issue. I kept working with her and working with her but it just wasn't working. She was practically going right up Beans behind. So we went back and got a curb bit and she respected that a ton more for some reason. I had steady light pressure on her (almost exactly like having the hackamore on which is what she respects the best) and I didn't have to do much and she listened. So we rode in that and that really worked. If you give her an inch she takes a mile...she had me frustrated but we worked thru it. I got her to canter nicely and with plenty of space to spare behind Bean with that bit and I was impressed. I didn't really want to go to a sharper bit but if that is what it takes to get her to respect it so we can move to a lighter bit then I am willing to do that!! We got back and I hosed her off :) Then instead of putting her with the ponies like she has been with ever since Sunday I put her in a corral by herself then this morning put her with the ponies again...She actually missed the ponies :) I am going again tonight to work with her :) Hope you have a good day!!

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