Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesday's Ride and Rodeo Practice!!

Yesterday I rode Daisy first on a ride with Sharon and three other people. I rode Daisy in the saddle for a change because someone else was using the stirrups. Daisy did really good but she was fighting me for some reason. She had done awesome on Saturday and on Monday (had her head down nice and she looked like a western pleasure horse at a walk) but then last night she was acting nuts :D Well she settled down but not as much as I wanted her to. We got back to the barn and I left her saddled because I was going to ride her again. I got on Sundance with the stirrups and did the poles and jumping with her!! She did awesome. Then I got on Speedy and did the poles with him and it took me a bit to get him to do exactly how I wanted him to do them but once he did them he did them right!! By that time it was raining so I unsaddled Daisy and hosed her off. She dried for a bit and then it stopped raining so we went for another light ride. Daisy did tons better and her head was long and low like it should have been the first time around. I was so pleased. She slowed down again and was listening to me!! Looked nice and collected too! Today it is kinda stormy so probably no riding but I plan to groom her and love on her a bit!! :)

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