Friday, April 29, 2011

Thursday's Ride!!

I went on a ride first of all with Daisy with Sharon and a rider. Daisy was behaving ok..not as well as she could have been. At first she wanted to be right up behind the rider's horse (Sundance) and I got tired of that so I made Daisy stay back behind everyone and that sure didn't make her happy!! But by the end of the ride she was listening and had her head long and low. We got back and we took Misty and her baby Patience for a very short ride (15 min). That was tons of fun. Once we got back Lillian and I got on Daisy and Curly bareback and took them for a very short just walking ride..That was lots of fun as well!! We came back and I groomed Daisy then headed home! I won't see her till either Monday or Wednesday now.

I am leaving tomorrow to go on Mini tour with Joyful Hearts Chorus. We are going to VA and won't get back till late Sunday night. Please pray for us as we sing in the different churches and as we travel!! Thanks!!

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