Monday, May 2, 2011

Mini Tour!!

Well as you know I went on tour with my chorus, Joyful Hearts. We left the church around 9:20 am on Saturday morning..We drove for about two hrs or so and stopped for lunch. After lunch we drove till around 5 I think. The church was in Gladys VA. We ate supper, changed into our chorus clothing and practiced a bit before the program. After the program we split up and went to some of the local church member's houses. I stayed at my friend Lynette Sommer's house. I met her two years ago and haven't seen her since but have kept in contact. We stayed up till 2 am something talking and catching up. It was a lot of fun. Then we met at the church where we sang the night before to get on the bus Sunday Morning. We left the church around 7:15 and drove till around 9 something. We had the service there at Faith Mission Church and after the service we ate lunch at Faith Mission Home (it is a home for mentally handicap children and adults). We left Faith Mission around 2:15 or so. (I can't remember exact times :D). We had quiet time then on the bus so we could sleep, read or whatever as long as we were quiet. I slept for at least an hour. It felt good after going to bed so late :D We got to the church in the evening then around 5:30. Our program was at 7:30. I am guessing we left the church around 9 well closer to ten. We got back to the church where we met around 11:30 pm and I got home here at 12:07 am. Needless to say I am quite tired but I had an awesome weekend and I can't wait till Main Tour!! I came away feeling encouraged and blessed. Our program at Faith Mission wasn't planned actually. We had another church on our itinerary but they cancelled and it was so awesome because when we sang at Faith Mission I could tell we blessed the people there. I thank God that I can be a part of chorus!! :)

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