Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monday's Ride on Misty and Daisy!!

 Pic I took last night!
 Before and After of Daisy
All the foals at Sharon's!

When I got to Sharon the first thing I did was take some pics of Daisy. Sharon was taking some people on a cart ride so she wasn't there right away. Once she got back we ate supper and we took Misty and Patience & Beauty and Sugarfoot (he is a colt) out on a walk. Lillian rode Beauty and I rode Misty. Sharon was riding Bean. Once we came back with them, Lillian and I saddled up Curly and Daisy and we went on another ride. I didn't line drive Daisy yesterday due to shortage on time but I plan to tomorrow. Can't wait to see how she does :D Daisy did pretty good last night. She goes in spurts of doing really well then not doing so well and then doing well again..that is just how it is though :) Once we got back I hosed Daisy off and loved on her a bit then left!! I miss having my girl here but I believe I will be keeping her there permanately...we shall see. Some things changed here at home that I wasn't happy about but it is all working out ok so it is all good :) Sorry if that sounded really confusing!! Hope you have an awesome week!

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