Monday, May 9, 2011

Make a Wish Truck Parade!

Today was so awesome!! Since my parents weren't home I went to church by myself then came home, took a short nap and headed to Sharon's. Once there I got Daisy ready to ride and we headed toward Ephrata. You see today is Mother's Day, as you all know ;) and here that means that the Annual Make a Wish Truck Convoy will be going thru Ephrata (pronounced Efrutu (E as in egg and u as in umbrella)). This is I guess the 22nd year they are doing this ( ). We rode out to Ephrata and sat at the one store there along Main Street on our horses and watched some of them go by..It was loud (because of the horns and sound of trucks) and amazingly Daisy did really well. I didn't know if she would be hopping around or what but she stood still and acted quite bored. I told Sharon if a horse can stand still for all that racket then they must be pretty much bombproof :) Here is another link of a newspaper article: ; I just think it is so cool how they do this for the Make a Wish children!! :) Anyway hope you have an awesome week!!

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