Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saturday's Driving Girly and Riding Shasta!

When I got to Sharon's Saturday we hooked up Girly and took her for a drive. I drove her for most of the way and wow did she ever improve in just the little while we drove her. I was so pleased. When we got back I saddled up Shasta (I was going to ride Daisy but then a group of riders came and Earl Dean rode Daisy so that Sharon and I could still go for a ride..I wanted to see what Earl Dean thought of her too because he had ridden her when I first got her and I wanted to know if he could tell a difference). I got on Shasta and we didn't have to fight near as much as we had the day before. I just got on her pretty much and that was that. I was impressed. Then she stood so nicely for me while I waiting for Earl Dean to leave with the group of riders. I still had her in the bit. Then just as we were about the leave Bernell calls and says hey if I come over do we want to train Venus to drive (remember Girly's daughter Venus). I was like yeah I don't care to Sharon when she told me what he said. So we post poned our riding. Well since he didn't come right away we tried the hackamore on Shasta and she didn't like that so we tried the bitless bridle and WOW she was different. We rode out the back field for a bit and Shasta didn't shy at anything and she was just different. And let me tell you just before we had tried the bitless bridle and I had the bit in her mouth she had been prancing around and acting crazy. Well then Bernell came and I tied Shasta (It was funny..she had a few temper tantrums while tied there but it sure didn't hurt her).

Bernell lunged Venus first with the harness on and she bucked a bit but once she settled down then we put a single tree on her and got her used to that. Then we let her follow a tire then let her pass it and then we tied it to the single tree..For all the shying and how bad she was doing before we were all pleasantly surprised when she could have cared less about this tire. We hooked her up in the two wheeled cart and took her around the meadow like that. She needs work to be sure but she did awesome. We quite while we were ahead and went and unharnessed her. Then Sharon and I got on our horses and left. I had a small battler getting on Shasta but I got on :) Now remember she has her bitless bridle on. We rode the same way we had the day before the second time around and wow did she so improve. She listened to me, she didn't shy much, she didn't rear, didn't hop around no nothing. She behaved. She went thru the creek nice (Shasta hopped around a bit before but not near like the day before). We went up thru the woods and I made her stopp before crossing the road and there we had a little fight but she still did good. Then we rode a while more and when we were riding on the road at the one spot right before we get back again there is a stop sign. I got Shasta to stop and she only danced TWICE (that is big for her) and then she stood still. We got back and I praised her big (when we got back and after each time she listened) and hosed her down. Then I loved on my Daisy girl and by that time I had to leave. But let me tell you I can't wait to ride her again to see how she does :) :) That bitless bridle made a big difference. I was so impressed! Sharon and I thought abotu it and she only really prances where she knows she can run and it makes her so cross when she is told she maynt but I really believe she will improve with time ;) I was so pleased with how yesterday went. Tomorrow if things go right i plan to ride Daisy first in the morning then Shasta in the evening with driving in between..we shall see :) Hope you have a good weekend!!

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