Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Monday's Ride on Daisy and Venus!!

Monday was quite the day :) First Sharon drove Lightning into New Holland Sales Stables (she took Denise and her daughter Taylor along in the wagon) while Lilllian and I rode behind on Speedy and Daisy. It took about a half an hour to get in there. Then we spent the morning there...Sharon bought a pony for $65 that needs some weight and work :) We are giving it to Brenda..a lady that lives at Frysville Farms and if she don't take it Lillian and I are going to buy it :D But I think Brenda will take it. Anyway we rode home after being at New Holland. On the way home we met up with a loose Jersey cow. Sharon tried to go up to it and attatch a lead rope to its halter but it just ran away so Lillian and I herded it back to its owners. That was fun!!!

We got back to Sharon's place around 2:50 and Lillian and I went in the house and quick ate something and got something to drink (we left our horses saddled up because we were going to ride them in 10 minutes anyway). We then headed for the creek. Ok usually on our rides we ride thru a creek...it is actually pretty deep but there is a bridge that is built thru it so that we go on that instead of actually going on the creekbed. Well we went to that and went into the creek for a swim on the horses. It is not deep at first and is only deep enough for the horses to swim at a few spots. Daisy just LOVED it. She enjoyed herself immensely and so did Speedy. Lillian and I never had done it before but we enjoyed ourselves so much. I pretty much stayed on Daisy the whole time..never got off of her really. We played in the creek for at least a good half an hour or 45 minutes :) It was so much fun.

We then headed back to the barn..There was a ride coming at 5 so once we got back (we had mostly dried off by that time..it was warm enough..LOL) we saddled up all the horses that were going to be used on that ride. Then the riders came and Earl Dean took them on a ride. Lillian and I got a brilliant idea to ride Venus and Girly (the two ponies) since we hadn't ridden them in forever. Sharon was like put the saddle on and I was like ok will do. Boy was I glad I did. I got on Venus and she took off bucking. She bucked for a bit but she settled down then nicely. We had a few fights before we were done riding though. I rode her around the house and she was acting so crazy. She backed into the barn twice and each time I backed her out..I figured you want to back in here you can back right out again :D Then the one time she ran into the barn and wouldn't come out. We fought for a good 10 minutes before she decided to walk out. Then she was fine. By that time the riders had come back (my cousins MaryRose and Sarah had come for a ride and we were waiting till the riders came back so we could go riding). Lillian and I rode the ponies and Sharon rode Bean, MaryRose rode Curly and Sarah rode Misty. Now these ponies had never gone over the bridge so we didn't know how they would do. We got to the bridge and Venus wouldn't cross..we convinced her it was fine and we did it at least two more times. Then we went into the water...once Girly and Venus were in the water they were fine. We actually swam the ponies (my cousins and Sharon swam their horses too) too and they seemed to enjoy it. We came out of the water and rode them over the bridge again and wow did they do better :) I was so impressed. I didn't get any pictures of either time but I won't forget it!! We went back to the barn and unsaddled the horses and really praised them. It was aweome!!

Oh and about Shasta. Today I met the people that are looking to buy her and the mom (who would be riding her..her daughter would buy her but her mom would ride Shasta) said she can't handle her although her daughter can. So I can't really say if they will buy her or not but I will be kinda surprised if they do. It was nice meeting them and talking to them!! We should know before the week is out :)

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