Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Seeing Beauty, Riding Misty and Daisy!!

I got to see Beauty (my cousin's horse) yesterday. She is doing really well and is looking really nice. For some reason around her we had a lot of worms and we did a five day deworming program and all the horses that did this program look really nice and gained a good amount of weight after doing it. Daisy did too :) That was in the morning.
Then last evening I went to Sharon's before I went to my aunt's because I talked to my aunt after I left and realized she wasn't going to be home. I rode Misty again but I worked with her first for ten minutes at a walk then cantered her a bit then five minutes at a walk. We went thru the poles twice and she did good with that. Then Lillian took her thru the barrels. After that I went and gave Daisy a bath. She smells really good now and looks nice and is so soft ;) She dried off and I hopped on her bareback and rode out the back path by ourselves. We walked out and cantered a little bit on the way in..She did really awesome and was listening to me quite well. They were still practicing the games and so I talked to Sharon a bit. Then she asked me if I would ride out and stand by the keyhole to make sure nobody stepped on the white line. I did that and after everyone left Sharon and I went for a ride. We came back though before we even went up to Fairmount Trails because it started to rain. It really poured once we got back. I helped with chores then left..I can't wait to go this evening and ride Daisy!!

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