Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wednesday's Ride!

I rode Daisy yesterday...Lillian, Sharon, and I rode up to Woodcrest. It is about a 3 hr ride all together. It was a tad chilly but it felt good to ride for that long. Daisy is doing really well. She is starting to hold her head down long and low at a walk and starting to really lower it and collect it at a canter too. I am so happy!! This is all in a hackamore. I am planning to start line driving her either tomorrow or on Monday..not sure which day yet but that is what the plan is at the moment. I want to get her used to that because I am planning on starting to teach her to drive after a bit. The awesome thing is Sharon's wagon is able to be converted to double hitch so that is what we will start out with. All her horses know how to drive so I can't wait!! I have so many things I want to teach and the fun thing about it is that we can work on a different thing every day and never really run out of stuff to do :D Tonight I just stopped in to say hi to Miss Daisy and hug and love on her a bit before coming home. Can't wait to go say hi to her tomorrow and ride her :) Hope you have an awesome weekend!!

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