Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wednesday's Line Driving Daisy and Thursday's Driving Daisy Double Hitch For The First Time!!

Yesterday when I got to Sharon's after we ate supper we took all the mom's out (Sundance, Misty and Beauty...Oh Sundance's baby (the paint) has a name now: EAGLEFEATHER or EAGLE for short). Lillian rode Sundance, I rode Misty and Andrea rode Beauty. It was so much fun taking all three of the babies out at one time like that. Once we got back then we took some of Sharon's goats and one sheep over to the neighbors because their pasture was getting high :D :D That was interesting all in itself! Once we got done with that I put the stirrups on Daisy and the driving bit and put some driving reins on her to drive her. Sharon helped Lillian put the harness on Diamond so she could line drive him that way :) At first Daisy didn't go forward (she just didn't know what I wanted her to do) but then once she did she did good. We walked around the house (they have a circular driveway) at first and once Daisy figured out what was expected of her she walked nice and strait..once she was doing awesome with that we trotted both left and right. She did so awesome. Then I tookk everything off and loved on her and put her away :) Gotta love my girl. She has like no fat on her at all...she is in very good shape and it makes me so happy to see her look so good!
Then Thursday I got off from work a little early (like I got to Sharon's at 10). We took the mares out..Lillian on Sundance, me on Misty while ponying Beauty. That was an experience but lots of fun. The babies all did well too!! Then once we got back we took famly pics of the dad's together and also one with Lightning as the grandfather (he is the father of Eaglefeather and Curly is the father of Patience and Sugarfoot...Lightning is the grandfather of Patience). That was a chore all in itself :D :D But we got some good pics regardless!! Once we did that we went in and ate a bit :) Lillian had to leave so I line drove Daisy again just this time with the harness..she could have cared less about it!! Then we got Speedy ready and her ready in the double harness set and hooked them up. Daisy was scared of the wagon for about 5 seconds and then she was fine with it. We took them around the house one time then Sharon got in the wagon and I walked beside Daisy just to make sure she was ok with it then I got in too and off we went. Daisy did so awesome. Sharon was so impressed by how good she did. I don't really know what to tell you other than Sharon said that she never saw a green horse pull into the load that good up a hill before and just pull with a heart. Daisy really loved it though you just could tell. She loves to trot and this was just up her alley. I am so happy. Once we got back I praised her really good and hosed her down and loved on her some more. If it isn't raining today we will take her out again :) So happy!!

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