Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Driving Daisy (Sat), Teaching her to Lay Down (Mon and Tues.) and Taking the Mares and Babies out!

    Well Saturday I took my parents over to Sharon to show off that Daisy can drive. Earl Dean and I hooked Speedy and Daisy up to the wagon while Sharon kept my parents occupied (my sisters were along as well). They came out and saw Daisy hooked up..They thought it was pretty neat I think. We drove her for about an hour or so...She did really well. She is getting to the point that pulling the wagon anymore doesn't wear her out...I am so glad to see that!! I did get some pics of her in harness and hitched up but give me a bit till I can get them on here. Right now I have such limited online time unforatately!!! I won't get on this weekend due to going to the cabin with my youth but after that hopefully.

Monday and Tuesday:
    Monday and Tuesday (yesterday) went about the same...We taught Daisy to lay down..She fought it but we got her to lay down....It took less time on Tuesday than it did Monday. I am hoping to go today again and we shall see if she lets us do it in less time again. We took all three mom's and babies out on tuesday. Monday it was pouring down rain so that is why we taught Daisy to lay down because we couldn't go for a ride. It was fun taking the mom's out. I rode Misy and ponied Beauty and Lillian rode Sundance :) I did ride Daisy yesterday before we layed her down...She did awesome..I am so impressed with her!! Gotta love my girl :) Hope you have an awesome week. This about catches you up to what I have been up to for the last couple of days!!

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