Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wednesday's Ride on Sundance, Daisy, and Lightning + Driving Speedy!

Finally I have an update on this past week. I am working for Sharon Monday and Wednesday morning at Frysville Stables. She works there and hires people to work under her there. So now I have another job which is part of the reason I haven't been able to get on much. Well Wednesday wasn't supposed to be my day of work but I worked because Andrea was on a trip. We rode Sundance over to the farrier first, got her shoed then went over to the stables. This was in the morning. Once we got back from the stables we ate some lunch and hitched up Curly to drive. I didn't drive him at all this time around but Sharon did. Then I went to work for my aunt and uncle till around 8 in the evening. I ususally wouldn't go back to Sharon again if I work for her in the mornings on Wednesday but it was an exception this Wednesday due to already having plans for the evening there at Sharon and also I wasn't planning on working for her at Vicky's (aka Frysville Stables..we call it Vicky's because that is the name of the owner :D). Anyway I got there at Sharon around 8:30 and headed out. I put lights on Daisy and off we went (which reminds me I plan to get a picture of these stirrups for you guys..I keep forgetting). We went by ourselves due to Lillian not being there yet and Earl Dean and Sharon had a family thing at Earl Dean's parents :) Daisy did so awesome. I got off her one time to adjust my stirrup lenght (rarely have to do that) but I realize now the blessing of having a horse that stands perfectly still (more on that in the next post). We got back around 9:30.

I went in the house and talked to Sharon and then Lillian came. We drove Speedy around on the road for a while. I drove him first then Lillian did. I think I am getting the hang of driving more and more as we go along. Speedy is easy to drive compared to Curly (more on that in the next post). Once we got back from driving I still wasn't ready to go to bed so Lillian and I got on Curly and Lightning and off we went. Ok now you have to realize this is at midnight :) We had lights on and we knew where we were going so it wasn't dangerous! We didn't do more than walk most of the time but it was fun. Never before have I ridden that late at night :D But it was so worth it!! Lillian and I got a chance to just talk and spend time together. Once we got back we went straight to bed :) It was a fun and eventful day to say the least!!

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