Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Monday's Ride on Daisy, Bean, and Shasta!

Monday night was quite eventful!! When I first got there we played with my stirrups a bit but Sharon and Lillian and Earl Dean hadn't eaten yet so while they went in to eat I worked with Daisy to stand still...She just wanted to wander off. It was so cool because I used body language to move her around and get her to stand still. I was so happy with how she did. She would wander off and I would go get her put her where I wanted her and say WHOA and STAY. Once she had that figured out I whistled and said COME...Once she figured out that I want her to come I praised her and then put her away..I was really impressed how fast she caught on but she is a quick learner :) I had recieved my stirrups (also known as the natural ride saddle) on Friday and I took it along last night to Sharon. We did a lot of rearanging and by the time we were done we got it figured out that Sharon will use the one that I got for her horses as a spare because it is bigger than her stirrups and her stirrups fit Daisy and Shasta better (the horses I ride..they are pretty much the same size). Anyway while we had been doing all this figuring out I rode Bean a bit around the house..he is a fun horse to ride :) :) This whole time Lillian was driving Diamond in the little light two wheeled cart. I put the stirrups on Daisy and we went down the road a piece..I went along just in case something went wrong with Diamond and if Lillian needed help I could help her :) Daisy did really good and so did Diamond. We came back unharnessed Diamond and put the harness on Mack (Beauty's baby from last year..he is hear to be taught how to drive) and hitched him up to the cart. We drove him around the house a bit and he did perfect so we got Flicka out and drove her around the house a bit as well with the cart and she did good too. Since all the foals were driven we could go for a ride. I put the stirrups on Shasta, Lillian rode Curly and Sharon rode Bean as usual. I finally got a picture of just Shasta and now I want to get some pics of me riding her :D :D We shall see how that works!! Shasta did well...I feel that if she is to be mine then it will work out for me to buy her...I will tell you this much..I have a really good and peaceful feeling about her ;) Once we got back from riding I hosed Shasta off and put her away and then loved on Daisy then left :) It was a good and eventful evening :)

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