Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Monday and Tuesday's Ride on Spurs!!

 On Monday I got to Sharon and Lillian was already there. Since we are going on a 7 hr ride on Saturday up to Blue Marsh we have been getting the horses in shape. Daisy has been in shape but Shasta and Spurs need to get in shape for then. Sharon asked if I would ride Spurs and we talked about it and decided to see if Lillian wants to ride Shasta because I can't ride both Spurs and Shasta to get them ready. Lillian can handle Shasta because she won't really rear or buck and Spurs does buck. He is a green broke horse so he is exactly how my cousin's horse Beauty was. Sharon wasn't there at home yet so I told Lillian to saddle up Spurs and I would saddle up Shasta. Then I rode Shasta a bit first before Lillian got on. Then Lillian got on and she rode around the pasture with Shasta first. Then I got on Spurs and worked him in the meadow for about 45 minutes or so. He tried to buck one time but I scolded him for that and he didn't do it again. I worked with him on going past the gate without turning towards it when we would be cantering and I got him to do it. So I tied him and we went in to eat. After supper we then went on a ride. It wasn't a long hard ride but it was so good for both Shasta and Spurs. They both did really well. I am so glad that Lillian can ride Shasta because now I have someone besides me who can ride her.

I am putting a down payment on Shasta today. The pony is now payed for. Oh and some awesome news. I got two really awesome saddles in exchange for the saddle I had before. Now I have a saddle for both Daisy and Shasta and the one for Daisy fits her so perfectly. I won't ever have to worry about the saddle hitting her withers again!! I am so pleased!
 Well then yesterday (Tuesday) Sharon had a guy who wanted to try a friend of Sharon's horse out that he is selling so Lillian and I went along for the ride. She rode Shasta and I rode Spurs. We did more cantering than on Monday and wow both Shasta and Spurs did really well. I am so happy with my horses :) Then when we got back (Earl Dean had taken another ride and they had used Daisy for that ride) Daisy was still tacked up so I rode her for a bit. She did so awesome. I am so proud of my girls..They both do so well and I love riding them both. I loved on both Shasta and Daisy a bit before I headed home :)

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