Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday's Baths for Daisy and Pony!!

Lillian and I's Pony (he don't have a name yet)
 Pony again!..I gave him a bath and he hadn't yet had his mane and tail brushed)
 This horse I am going to be helping to train..he needs some work!
Daisy after her bath..the lighting is weird so she looks different
Here are the what I call "stirrups" on Lightning..I didn't fasten it but I thought I might give you guys an idea of what they look like!!

Tonight I just loved on both Daisy and Lillian and I's pony. I gave them both a bath and sprayed Silverado on them (it is like Show Sheen) so they stay nice and clean. I finally got some pics of everyone like I promised :D I let both the pony and Daisy eat grass after I gave them baths and after they dried I brushed their mane and tails..they are just both so cute!! :) I told you guys about Spurs right? He is a really awesome looking horse..Tonight Shannon lunged him and he did good all except he kicked at her twice..the first time he got her in the arm the second time he didn't get her but each time she sent him away at a faster pace but other than that he did awesome.

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