Monday, June 6, 2011

Saturday: Old Heritage Day up at Fairmount and a Ride!!

Saturday started for me at 6:30 am. I headed over to Sharon with Rose Mary. We got there and right away we went up to Fairmount and set up gates!! Then we went back down and harnessed up the horses and put bells on them!! We had Curly and Lightning hooked up to the green wagaon as a double hitch team, Speedy to the carriage (both of these are Sharon's vehicles) then we went over to another place and got a basket cart that Bean pulled and a surrey the Beauty pulled. I started out driving Bean in the morning then went for lunch and then I drove Beauty. I did drive Speedy one time but he isn't near the fun Beauty and Bean are :) It was a very good day and we had some nice weather for it too..Not to warm at all. The horses did really well too. We kept them well watered and hosed down. Once it slowed down we took everything home again and put stuff away.

Then Sharon took Lightning over to Matt (the farrier) to get him check out..He is lame for some reason (still is). All the others went with Earl Dean and Sharon while Lillian and I stayed at the house. We played with Daisy first...I got on her bareback and I got her to neck rein for me nicely with a neck rope..then Lillian got on her and rode her around a bit too in her corral. Then we went over and played with Diamond a bit. Then we got our Pony out (for those of you who don't know, Lillian and I are buying a pony from Sharon for $60..We think he is part Standardbred and soemthing else..will get pics up hopefully before I leave for Canada tomorrow but if not I will get them up afterwards) and played with him. He is so cute. He needs some weight put on but his teeth and hooves are in great shape. We are going to train him to drive and ride although I think he knows both already we are just going to double check :) Lillian played with Diamond a bit too. Once Sharon got back Rose Mary, Lillian and I went on a very short ride. Overall it was a very awesome day!!! :)

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