Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tuesday's Wagon Ride and Wednesday's Ride on Spurs and Loving on my Girls!!


Tuesday Sharon and I drove Lightning and Curly double hitch back to her mom to take a wagon load of 8 ladies for a ride (10 with Sharon and I). We went to a really neat flower place that I want to go back to again and a neat barn that is decorated really nice. They had some old stuff there and also homemade soap. I thought it was really neat. Then we drove back to Sharon's mom again and ate lunch then came home. It was a pretty neat day all around :)

Then today (Wednesday) I was at Sharon's first thing in the morning since I slept at her house Tuesday night after I went to bible school. We went to the stables first thing in the morning driving Speedy in the carriage then we came home and unhooked and ate lunch. After lunch I rode Spurs while Sharon rode Bean. I decided to try riding Spurs with the stirrups since I didn't like saddling him up (he isn't the shortest horse around and neither is his saddle the lightest :D). He did really good at first but then he spooked along the road a lot. So we headed up to Fairmount trails and turned around and went the way he kept spooking at twice. The first time at a walk and then the second time at a trot. He did pretty good. I want to keep working with him on stuff like that and I think he will do really good. Not sure if I am ready for Lillian to ride him because I almost went flying a few times just because he would shy so fast at stuff :D I did get to spend some time loving on Daisy and Shasta..Daisy came to me really nice which had me happy and so did Shasta. I want to spend some time with them again tomorrow before bible school :) I didn't go to bible school tonight due to working in the evening :) Hope you have a great week!!

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