Monday, June 20, 2011

BLUE MARSH (5 1/2 hr ride)!!

I usually have pictures as soon as I post a post but I still haven't had the time to put pics on the computer from my tour or from this Blue Marsh trip. I have them and I will be posting them hopefully sometime this week. I didn't forget I just haven't had the time to take time to do it :D So busy :)

Saturday I got up at 5:15 or so so that I could be at Sharon's by 6:15 :) I got to Sharon and I saddled up both Daisy and the time I had saddle bags and everything on the saddles and the horses sprayed with flyspray and such it was time to load the horses into the trailer and leave. We drove out of the driveway at 7:35 am. We drove to Blue Marsh and got there at 8:30 or so. We were in the saddle and headed out by 9. We rode till 11:30 and ate lunch and let the horses have a break. Then we headed out again by 12:30 or soon after and rode till 3:30. Between starting out and lunch we stopped one time to let the horses drink if they so desired and then again after lunch a few times. I have pictures and that will explain more but I did ride Shasta first in the morning in order to get a lot of her hyperness out of her so Lillian could ride her without much of a problem. Then at lunch Lillian and I switched...she rode Shasta and I rode Daisy. It was so awesome having two horses on the trail ride and seeing them both being ridden by someone I trust (there are a few select people that will be aloud to ride Shasta..pretty much anyone can ride Daisy now). It was so awesome being able to have both horses there because last year when we went I had Navi but was at the point of giving him away and I was training my cousins horse so yeah it was just really neat :) Hope you all have a wonderful week and again PICTURES ARE ON THE WAY :D :D :D

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