Sunday, July 3, 2011

Friday's Ride on Venus and Saturday's Ride on Venus and Shasta!!!


I got to Sharon's later than normal Friday evening because I worked a 10 hr day babysitting :) Then first thing we did at Sharon's was go load a lady's spring wagon up that had been in a wreck that day (the horse and the lady were fine thankfully but the spring wagon needed to go to the shop). Once we got back from that Lillian and I saddled up the ponies to go on a ride. Well I got Venus all ready and of all the nice things she can do she acts like she has never been mounted before. She would swing her but toward me as soon as I put my foot in the stirrup. We worked thru that but before I ever got on her she had stepped on my foot and turned (so now my other foot hurts :D) and I was on the ground. I was not happy in the least. I finally got on her after fighting for a bit. She never did that before she always waited till I was on to act up. I should have known that she is going to be acting up later. Anyway Sharon lead out and Lillian and I followed. Well it all went well until we were going thru this one farm. Venus shied at the greenhouse and she purposely ran into Bean and Girly. Since Venus did taht Sharon and Lillian took Bean and Girly out of the way so I could work with Venus without her running into their horses. Then of course Venus got stubborn. I mean really stubborn. She figured fine then take my friends away I am not moving a foot. I worked with her and worked with her and worked with her and we finally moved. I did numerous things. I tapped with my heels, I tapped with my crop and I made her back up and then after I am about worn out she finally listens. She kept fighting so we decided we are turning around and going back the way she knows with her in the lead and hopefully that will help her do better. Sharon and Lillian go a little bit ahead and go off to the side so that I can go past once I get Venus going again (we battled a bit again till I got her turned around and moving again) and so once she was moving I asked for a canter. It was half funny because I got her to canter and we went past Lillian adn Sharon and only till she is a bit past does she realize we pasted the other horses and then she wants to go back but I nudged her forward and we cantered a bit then. I slowed her down and then we had another fight..She kept deciding not to go forward. I got her going again and we went up into the Farimount trails again. We met Jonathan up there on Jack. Then we went down the other side and of course she acts nuts. Not sure what she did that I went flying but whatever it was she went one way and I went the other way. The amazing thing is I almost flew off of her numerous times but never did and so I wasn't to surprised when I landed on the ground. My hip is nice and sore still and my right arm is all skinned up :D Anyway I sat on the ground a bit till i got my wind then got on again and off we went. And you know what she behaved the best after that :D The rest of the way home we pretty much walked and she did excellant. I was impressed. I honestly think if she were used regularly by her owners then we wouldn't continue having these issues with her but as long as she doesn't have regular use this is going to continue to happen but Lillian and I plan to ride Venus and Girly as much as possible :)

I then went again on Saturday evening. Sharon had a group of riders comeing, so since Jonthan, Lillian, Sharon and I were all going to go up to WoodCrest after she came back with that group I didn't go along. I rode Venus instead. I just rode her around the house and worked with her going past the barn without trying to go in. We didn't work terribly long either and she did really well. I honestly think I earned her respect by working with her the night before. I was impressed :)
Then Sharon came back and I got Shasta ready, Lillian rode Curly, Jonthan rode Jack and Sharon rode Bean. Daisy had been used for that group of riders and she did good :) I rode Shasta in the Paso-Fino bit that Joel (her previous owner) is letting me use so I can decide if I want to buy it. But wow did she do really awesome and she responded so well. If she continues to do that well all the time then that is what I plan to ride her in. She had one fit at the creek when we crossed that and on the way home one time when crossing the one road but otherwise she did so amazing. I was very happy. Now if I can find a bit for Daisy that works for her yet then I will be pleased. We rode for at least 3 hrs..It was a ton of fun and we talked about a lot of different things. So awesome!! Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and have a safe 4th of JULY!!

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