Friday, July 8, 2011

Monday's Roundpenning Venus and Wednesday's Ride on Daisy and Swimming in the Creek!

Monday morning with it being fourth of July we didn't work at the stables. So I went to Sharon and we cleaned out the back stall where Jack and Shasta are. That took a while and then Sharon had a ride to take so Lillian and I just stuck around. Jonathan had come too and he had helped do some of the heavier work in the back stall which was really nice. Then I gave Daisy a bath. She was limping on her back right and Sharon couldn't figure out what her problem was. We got the vet out Tuesday and he said she had an absess so we took her to the farrier and he cut it out for us. Daisy was sound then that night already. Anyway since I had some time Lillian thought we should roundpen Venus. I was like ok. So we did and it is a good thing we did too. She kept wanting to go into the corner and turn her but to me but I would flick the whip at her and if she didn't move I would do it again then lightly tap her with it. She moved then and then would go into a corner again. We worked thru that after her kicking out the back a few times (I always make sure I am back plenty far because I just don't trust certain horse's back legs). She did turn toward me a few times like I wanted her too. Then she started listening to me and licking and chewing. I was impressed. She followed me too when I turned away. I was so happy.

I haven't been able to find a bit that Daisy does excellant in and I finally found the bit. I am not sure what it is called so I am doing some research but it works perfectly. She respects it (as far as I know it isn't a harsh bit) very well. I am so pleased. I rode her to Vicky and back and she did so well. Actually better than a hackamore and that is saying something :D Once we got back from Vicky we went to the creek and swam in the creek (and when I say we I mean Sharon, Andrea and I). SO MUCH FUN!!!! Then I went to work after that ;D :D

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