Thursday, July 14, 2011

Saturday: Riding Shasta, Driving Daisy Single, and Taking Jack in the Creek!

Now Saturday was eventful. Jonthan had plans to come and make a saddle rack that was able to have 4 saddles on it for in the tack room. So he came and did that in the morning. Sharon butchered the fish Earl Dean caught Friday night (42 in Flathead Catfish he caught in the Susequehana). I helped clean out all the stalls and put sawdust in the stalls and bag them. That took a good portion of the morning. Well we ate lunch around 1 or so and then Jonathan left shortly after that. Lillian was at work all day but she was able to come in the evening then. I took a group of riders out with me riding Shasta. She did really good all except when we crossed the road at the one spot and when we would normally run at the one spot :D I wasn't to happy with her. Once we got back the riders left and I took Shasta out in the meadow and worked her. I got her to canter nicely for me, stop, turn both ways (which was the biggest issue), and also gave her a little lesson on neck reining and just basicly really earned her respect. Once she did exactly what I wanted I got off of her and took her out of the gate. I said WHOA and she stopped on a dime then I said Come and she walked off then I said WHOA and she stopped on a dime again. I was so impressed. She did so well so I hosed her off and put her away.

I then went into the house and talked to Sharon. We discussed what we want to do for the rest of the evening. We decided to drive Daisy single hitch for the first time. I went out and got her all harnessed up and then took lots of pictures of her till Sharon came out. Then we hooked her up to the cart. Lillian got there by then and she hopped aboard as well and off we went. Daisy at first didn't go to straight but toward the end she did so excellant. I was so impressed with her :) She is doing so awesome with other people riding her and things. She hasn't learned any bad habits or anything. Daisy still does the best for me than she does for anyone else which is interesting because Shasta does practically perfect for Lillian and Jonathan (he rode her last night (Wednesday) for the first time) and the worst for me although she is doing better. It is just funny :) I love both of my girls regardless of how they do for me or other people ;)

Once we got back from driving Daisy I unhitched her and hosed her off. Then I went and got Jack ready. He did ok for Jonathan in the creek but Sharon wanted me to take him and get him to do really good. That is what we did then...I was really impressed with him.

We did lots of stuff because once we got back with Jack from the creek we came back and I hopped on Venus and Lillian got on Blackie (he is a pony there that needs lots of work...his owner spoils him like crazy and now he is stubborn as ever). Venus did excellant of which I was totally impressed. But I did roundpen her before we left. I know that made a difference and she remembered everything I worked with her on before. Blackie did pretty good for Lillian too. Overall it was an awesome day!!

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