Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sunday: Riding Daisy and Shasta in the Creek and Up to Woodcrest!

Lillian and I stayed over at Sharon's Saturday night and then went to church with her Sunday morning. That was fun. After church we ate lunch and then rested for a while. Jonathan came around 2 so we saddled up and headed up to Woodcrest. Lillian rode Shasta and I rode Daisy :) It was a very relaxing and fun ride. On the way back we decided to go over to the creek to swim. I started off with Daisy going first into the water of my horses. Well Shasta seemed fine to me but Lillian acted nervous about taking her farther into the water especially since we weren't sure if she ever swam before. So we switched horses. I rode Shasta and Lillian rode Daisy. Shasta really loved it....even more than Daisy does :D Daisy is enjoying it more and more especially since we are doing it often enough! Anyway Jonathan had the saddle on Jack so he took that off and I gave him the stirrups on Shasta. I rode Jack thru the swimming hole one time then another time. I then convinced Jonathan he should try it too. He did then. Once Jack did it a couple of times I decided I want to ride Shasta thru too. I did it bareback at that. That was a lot of fun. I have always wanted to ride her bareback but haven't had the nerve to do it yet. Well I did it in the water and swimming and it went well so we shall have to try it soon again outside of the water. It was a totally awesome afternoon. Lillian's parents came in the evening then so we took Curly and Lightning out double hitch and gave them a ride. I really enjoyed that. Overall it was a very awesome weekend!!

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