Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ocean City, New Jersey...August 8-12 2011!!

We went to Ocean City NJ for our week at the beach as a family. We left Monday around 12 or so and got down there late afternoon. Once there we took all our stuff up to our room and unpacked then just
lounged around for a bit! Around 6:30, Mom, Rose Mary, Rachel and I all headed out to the beach for an hour or so. We played in the water and got wet. Didn't stay down there long but just long enough to enjoy ourselves.

Tuesday we slept in. Once everyone was  awake

we made breakfast (we packed all our food for
the trip so we wouldn't need to eat out ;)
and then everone got dressed for the beach
and out we headed. On the beach we got an
umbrella and two chairs for Mom and Dad.
Us girls just laid on our beach towels. We spent
a good portion of the morning and afternoon
on the beach that day. Rachel enjoyed it a
great deal...She didn't find any friends this day
but she stuck with us all.

Rachel and I
on the beach.
Rose Mary
hadn't wanted
to come along
to take pics :(

Wednesday and Thursday were pretty similar..we spent about the same amount of time on the beach and Rachel found another Rachel to be with. The other Rachel was 2 months older than her also born on the 25th :) Really awesome!! Then Friday we packed up and headed home. It was a very awesome time on the beach..Rose Mary and I spent some time walking the boardwalk which was a lot of fun!!
Beach pics ;)

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