Sunday, August 14, 2011

Friday and Saturday's Rides!!

Friday night we drove Curly over to give my horses on the pasture water. Once over there we saw how low the grass was so we decided to take them back over to Sharon's place. So we went back over to Sharon and got horses and rode back over to the pasture. Then I put the stirrups and hackamore on Daisy and ponied Shasta :) Shasta and Daisy both did awesome :)

Saturday then I took my cousin Melanie riding. I rode Daisy and she rode Speedy. We did some cantering and Melanie did really good :) :) She enjoyed riding Speedy. Once we got back I let her ride Daisy around the house a time or two. Then we gave Daisy a bath. she had to leave before we gave Shasta a bath but I gave her a bath as well and got all the burrs out of her mane. Both my girls looked nice now!! Can't wait to see them tomorrow ;)

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