Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tuesday and Wednesday's Rides!!


Both Shasta and Daisy (and also Jack) needed to go to the farrier so Lillian, Jonathan, Riley (he has Navajo), Sharon and I all rode over there. I ponied Shasta from Daisy and both did well...Daisy could have cared less and Shasta ponied quite well. I got them both reset (with Shasta getting one new shoe because she had thrown that one) and also got their teeth checked. Both of their teeth were sharp so I was very happy that Sharon suggested getting them done. Once done at the farrier we went up to Woodcrest and rode the trails up there. I left Shasta at the farriers and we picked her up on our way home. Overall it was a fun evening :)

Wednesday morning "Little" Andrea, Sharon and I worked at the stables. I drove Curly over which was a lot of fun. I really enjoy driving him for some reason...Can't wait till I can drive Daisy all by myself (she is still a bit green). Once we got back from the stables Sharon and I went for a little short ride. She rode Speedy and I rode Shasta. For the first time in a while Shasta acted up 2 times on that ride. The one time she got all hyper because we would be running soon and I asked her to settle down and that upset her but I got her calmed down and the other time was when we were almost home and she kept prancing sideways so I made her turn around and go back opposite of the way we were going and then turned around again heading home again..she did ok. Then in the evening after I was done working I went back to Sharon and this time Lillian was there too. She rode Princton (or as she renamed him Sparky..he is the pony Sharon and I gave her for her bday :D) and I rode Shasta and Sharon rode Speedy. Shasta blew up again in the exact same places as earlier in the day only worse. We worked thru it again and she settled down. I think the biggest problem is that she hadn't been ridden for a while by me so now she thinks it is ok to act up :) She will find out sooner or later that isn't the way to behave. I also think it has to do with her not having pasture. She will be going over to the meadow most likely Saturday again that way while we are at the beach the horses can have grass and self exercise ;) Have an awesome weekend!!

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