Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday's Updates!!


Tuesday evening I went to Sharon like normal. We (meaning the usual four of us) went over to the meadow where the horses were and I got Daisy and off we headed. We didn't have a lot of time so we just went the normal route and rode for about 45 minutes. Instead of taking Daisy back to the meadow like we normally would we just took her back to Sharon's since I was going to ride her first thing Wednesday morning anyway.

Then Wednesday morning I got to Sharon regular time and we headed out for Vicky's (stables). Sharon and Andrea rode in the cart pulled by Bean on the road and I rode Daisy the back way thru fieldlanes and such so we rode by ourselves for the first time. That was a lot of fun and Daisy did so awesome. I was so happy and impressed with her!! Then we came back to Sharon's and I hosed her off and then we headed over to a 1/2 mile racetrack just for the fun of it and I ran Daisy flat out. Boy can she stretch out and run. It was SO MUCH FUN and Daisy is faster than Andrea's Sweet Pea...A bit surprising. I knew Daisy was fast but I didn't realize how fast. It was totally awesome!! Then once we came back from that we drove Daisy over to the meadow. She did the best she has ever done. She drove nice and straight and she is just getting better and better. Once over there we switched the harness to Curly and then drove back to Sharon's again leaving Daisy at the meadow!!

Then Friday night I rode Shasta instead of Daisy because Daisy's need to get trimmed. We (a few of Sharon's friends) planned a surprise birthday party for Sharon since her birthday was Saturday the 30th and we decided to have the party Friday night. So Sharon, Lillian, Jonathan and I went over and got Shasta and then were headed up for Woodcrest when a thunderstorm came up. We went back to the barn till it was over then went part of the way up to Woodcrest and had lunch. Then we just rode around a bit and took Shasta back to the meadow. Then I got on Speedy (which was the horse I had ridden over from Sharon's to the meadow to get Shasta) and we headed back to the barn and everyone say's Surprise. I was glad we had the party. It wasn't a big one but I was happy with everyone that showed up and that we were able to have a party!!

I was at recording for our Joyful Heart's Christmas Cd from 8 till 4:45. Then I went to Sharon's and crashed on the sofa till she came home from going for her birthday supper with her parents. Earl Dean was nice and hitched up Curly for us and we drove him over to the horses to just give them water. Once over there Sharon and I discussed things and decided to take my horses back to her place for this next week and give the pasture a break. Also if I am going to be there a lot this week it will be nice to have my horses there then when we are on vacation the 8-12 of August (Ocean City NJ..we are going as a family) the horses can be on the meadow over that time. I was like good idea so that is what we did. I loved on both my girls a bit. :) Shasta is slowly warming up to me I think :) Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

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  1. Man, that sounds awesome galloping at the race track. I would love to do that with my horses some time :)