Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wednesday and Friday's Rides!!


  I worked at my aunt in the afternoon on Wednesday..we were doing canning (pizza sauce). I left for Sharon around 7:45. I got to Sharon around 8 and got Daisy ready. Sharon was with Riley and they were riding Navajo from Riley's place over to Sharon's. I called Sharon when I got to her place and told her I am headed her way. Jonathan came just as I was heading out so I waited for him and we met up with Sharon and Riley together. Once we got back to Sharon's place Earl Dean trailered Navi home. Then after I helped Sharon with the chores I headed out and went back to my aunt...I cleaned up all the canning mess and got to bed around 1:30 am. Overall it was a packed day!

  I took the children I babysit on Fridays to Sharon for a wagon ride. I left the 7 month old (Cole) here at the house with my mom and took Zachary, Alex and their sister Riley. They seemed to really like it :) Then I brought them all back here and waited till I got a call from their dad to go meet him. I met their dad and gave him the children then I went to Sharon again.
  My cousin MaryRose came with 4 of her friends. Lillian was there before I was and she rode Daisy on the ride with my cousin and her friends while I rode Shasta. Shasta acted all hyper and was hopping and doing all her funny things but I worked her thru it and she settled down. I didn't let her get away with any of it so that made a difference. I am hoping to ride her on Monday evening.
  Once we got back from the ride with my cousins I switched the stirrups over to Daisy and rode her for the next ride which was with Cheri, Andrea and their cousin Karen. We rode for about 45 minutes. Once we got back I put the stud chain on Shasta and lead her on Daisy and Lillian rode Lightning bareback while Sharon rode Bean. We headed over to the meadow again..the grass really grew with the rain we have had in the last couple of weeks. Both Daisy and Shasta did really good.

   I didn't ride Saturday but I did go to Sharon! I helped her and Earl Dean with the barnwork. We cleaned out 3 of the stalls and also put sawdust in them..Then we fixed a gate and also cleaned out behind the carrage. Needless to say it looked really nice when we were all finished. Before I went home I went over to my horses and made sure they had water and they were all doing good. Shasta actually stayed put and didn't run off..that is a big improvement..she improves little by little!!

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