Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Friday, Saturday and Monday's Rides!


    My cousin MaryRose and her sister Sarah spent the weekend here at my house. Sarah's boyfriend Daniel was in from Minnesota so she was with his family Friday evening. MaryRose came riding with Sharon, Jonathan, Lillian and I. Lillian and I decided to ride double on Lightning (which is what we had done the other Friday I think it was..when we got my horses off the meadow) and MaryRose rode Daisy :) She really liked Daisy! Once we were done riding we went in the house and did some singing while Jonathan played guitar..that I really enjoyed!

    My cousins and I went to bed around 2:30 in the morning so we slept in till almost 10. We got to Sharon's a bit after 11. Sarah, Daniel, MaryRose, Sharon and I were all going to go riding at 11:30. Earl Dean had taken a group out and they didn't get back till at least 12. Once they got back I put Daniel on Lightning, MaryRose on Misty, Sarah Ruth on Daisy and I rode Shasta (she did ok....she is being a bit nuts at the moment but she isn't being ridden enough...my schedule is a bit crazy at the moment :D). We did do some running and everyone really seemed to have a lot of fun!
    Well after we got back from riding Daniel and Sarah left. MaryRose stayed for a while yet. Jonathan came and brought his guitar and we sang till around 4 then went for a very short ride. Once he left, MaryRose came back for a bit (she had left to do some shopping a while before) then left again. Lillian, Ida Ann, Sharon and I went into the Panda Garden for supper with a group of ladies....It was very good. Then I hung around for a while then went home. My cousins were there when I got back and we stayed up till about 4 or so in the morning..needless to say I was a bit tired Sunday morning although I did get a lot out of the sermon at my cousins church :) <3

    Rachel's 7th birthday is on Thursday and I was thinking I don't know what to give for her birthday. Well I decided I am going to take her riding at Sharon's place. So last night I took her. First we went in the wagon to McDonald's and got food (Sharon, Earl Dean and Lillian did..Rachel and I just got some fries as we had already had supper). Once we got back I saddles Speedy up with the children's saddle and put Rachel up on him. She rode him all by herself <3 She had so much fun...we went for a short spin up to Fairmount Homes and came back all walking. Once back Rachel walked around the house a bit then she cantered a bit. She did so good all by herself. I think I will need to take her again or I won't ever hear the end of it..LOL! <3 I am glad I have someone in my family I can share my love of horses with!


  1. Happy birthday for Rachel, Whose Jonathan again?, sorry but I get confused with all the different names you use sometimes. I had a break from reading blogs and now I've forgotten a bit.
    btw - I really enjoy your blog

  2. He is the guy that owns Jack and also keeps his horse at Sharon!