Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Week's Update!


   This evening we went to Wendys again. I rode Curly bareback, Lillian rode Sundance bareback and Jonathan rode Jack bareback...Sharon rode Bean but not bareback. We first went into Wendy's then on the way back we checked in on my girls. Shasta and Daisy were both doing good. Daisy has a puncture wound and it is healing fine. I honestly have no clue what made wasn't another horse that much I do know.

   I got to Sharon and was discussing with her what I want to do. Since my horses are over on the meadow I wanted to get the one to ride. So I went and god Daisy and rode her back to Sharon..Since Sharon had a group of three riders coming at 7:30 we all sang first...then we tacked up and rode out. I rode Venus and Lillian rode Daisy and they both did really good. Since I was leading and we were cantering Venus shied a few times but overall she did excellant. I was really impressed with her. We didn't take Daisy back that night and just left Shasta by herself over on the meadow.

Wednesday Morning:
   I had slept at Sharon the night before and then went to work with her first thing. Once we got back I saddled up Lightning and ponied Daisy back to the meadow by myself. As far as I know this is the first time she ever was ponied and she did excellant. We even did some cantering and I had no problem with her at all. I was really impressed. Now both my horses pony which makes it so nice!

   This evening Rachel came riding again. I came straight from work so Earl Dean picked Rachel up at home here and brougth her along over to Sharon. She rode Misty as Speedy is favoring hs one ancle for some reason. I rode Venus again and Sharon ponied Speedy. We took Speedy over to the meadow and brought Shasta back to Sharon's place to put in her meadow. Shannon came along (she is the one that owns Kate and Dusty..they actually are leaving in October due to moving and also having TONS of pasture at their new place). We just walked the whole way there and the whole way back but Rachel did really good and so did Misty ;) It was a lot of fun!!

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  1. My horse is terrible at being ponied, sounds like you had a nice week :)