Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tuesday and Friday Evenings :)

   I had gone to Sharon Monday night as well but with the rain didn't do any riding :) Tuesday night it was raining as well but I roundpenned Shasta! She did so well. She only turned away from when changing directions once or twice..all the other times she turned toward me. She did follow me was so awesome how she followed me all over the main ring. Then I got her to back up as first she didn't want to but then I got her to back up like she did it all the time. It was just plain down awesome!!

  I did get to ride Daisy Friday evening. Since she is over on the meadow with Speedy (Shasta is at Sharon's on her meadow) I rode Sundance over and got Daisy. Once we got back I gave Daisy a bath. My cousins Sarah, Rosie, and Kate came to ride. So I hosed Curly off to because he was very dirty :) This ride we just walked and Daisy did really good. Then once my cousins left Sharon and I took Daisy back to the meadow :)

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time with Daisy on Tuesday. Clinton Anderson says that when a horse turns towards you in the round pen when changing directions it means she respects you.