Thursday, October 20, 2011

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday!!

    I got to Sharon's early because my Mom and Rachel were going to Fort Washington for Fire Safety (since we homeschool they do that). So when I got there, Sharon, Abby, and Ellie were all ready to ride and they had put the hackamore on Daisy so nicely for me since I was going to ride bareback anyway! We went for about an hour and we cantered a nice bit of it and I was amazingly fine and didn't get sore ;) Daisy did awesome too! Then MaryRose came and she got Beauty ready to ride...Lillian and Jonathan showed up soon after that and we went off for a ride again...I rode Shasta this time. She did so awesome! I was impressed!!! I have the best horses ever!!

    This evening we went to an old lady to sing for her. When we got back Sarah, MaryRose, Sharon and I all went for a ride...we just walked but it was so enjoyable :) I rode Daisy bareback again!!!

Wednesday Morning:
    After we were done at the stables I went back to Sharon's and spent time with Daisy and Shasta. I let them wonder around the main ring for a bit then I free lunged both of them together :) They both enjoyed it ;) I groomed Shasta first after lunging them and she seemed to like it a lot. She was so calm and really enjoyed me brushing her mane!! When I was finished with her I let her go again and got Daisy and groomed her. She really enjoyed it as well!! Then I let them roam around the ring again while I did some things in the tack room! When I was all finished I hugged them both and put them away then headed off to work!! :)

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