Sunday, October 30, 2011

Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday's Updates!!

Wow a whole week has gone by since I last updated. Sorry about that ;)



I can't remember for anything what I did last Friday but anyway :D I know I rode (well I believe I did..LOL) but not sure whom. Anyway Monday evening I didn't ride although I did get new halters for both girls. A blue one for Daisy and a purple one for Shasta (each were $5 so it was a good deal). Tuesday we rode not the whole way to Woodcrest but some of the way (Sharon, Sarah, MaryRose and I) and ate a lunch. That was quite fun.

Now for Friday (last night) and Saturday (today). Last evening we didn't ride (although I did groom and love on both girls) but Sarah and MaryRose came over to Sharon. We had planned to go to Blue Marsh but since they called for heavy snow we skipped it. By the way we haven't had snow in October since 1971 ;) Well we got snow today...It snowed from 9 this morning till sometime this evening. We got a nice amount of snow. I was at Sharon and my cousins and I stayed up till 3 this morning then got up around 9:30, ate some breakfast and went out to ride in the snow. That was quite fun. I rode Shasta and when we got back I put her blanket on (I had put Daisy's on before we went on a ride). Today was just a plain awesome day. :)  Hope you have an awesome weekend and enjoy the photos!!

 one of my cousins MaryRose

one of my cousins :) Sarah 

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  1. brrr... all that snow makes me feel cold.
    Great pictures.