Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday's Ride!!

Here are the promised edits of Shasta :)

I didn't ride on Friday at all due to rain and not feeling the best but I did love on both the girls :)
I did get to ride this afternoon with my sister Rose Mary, Sharon, and Lillian. I rode Shasta..I haven't ridden her since last Thursday but I have been lunging her. Well I figured out that if she is penned by herself (or with just Daisy) she does so much better. She was SO CALM today and it was windy and cool. She only hopped around a tad bit! I was really impressed. She is so awesome..Then when we got back I lunged some of you might remember when I was working with her this past winter with lunging she really really pulled. Well I lunged her with the lunge line attatched to her halter at the ring like you would a lead rope and guess what barely any pulling. I was so happy. She walked on really nice and trotted very awesomely (which isn't a word but can't think of one that discribes it better). I was so impressed. When Daisy went one complete circle without pulling I stopped her and praised her. I love both my little girls..they are absolutely the best!! <3 Couldn't ask for better horses!!

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  1. Shasta is so pretty. Sounds like an awesome ride!
    Well done to Daisy too :)!