Friday, October 14, 2011

Monday and Tuesday's Rides and Lunging!

Above are some edited pics.I am hoping to have some time to edit ones of Shasta soon!

Monday evening I went with my cousin Sarah who owns Beauty (they have her at Sharon now) to be her "guide" on the trails and field lanes. We rode about 45 minutes and I rode Daisy bareback....we did walk some but we did do a good bit of cantering too. The fields are opened up now since the corn is off so we went flat out across the one..Oh how Daisy can go...what FUN!!! She was enjoying herself immensly..I don't think I ever went quite that fast on her bareback but we did and I stayed on! Beauty was doing good for Sarah too. I did get Daisy to do a really slow was really awesome and smooth..I barely moved! When we got back to the barn I hosed Daisy off and put her away. Then I got Shasta out and lunged her. Lisa had lunged her for the first time with a line (since I have her..I don't know if she ever had it done before I got her like that or not..I free lunged her already that I know) and she did good (that was last Friday) so I decided I am going to try to lunge or at least work with her whenever I don't ride her. She did good...I would say walk on and walk on she did...then I would say trot and cluck and trot she did. It was really awesome...She has so much potential I think!! Then I put her away and loved on both and said goodbye :)

Tuesday then Lillian was there so Sharon, Lillian and I all went for a ride. Lillian rode the pony Girly and I rode Daisy bareback!! We just walked the whole normal loop that takes an hour :) I enjoyed it quite a bit just riding my girl and enjoying myself. Before we had gone for the ride I had once again lunged Shasta and she did really well. I am so happy with both my girls!!

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  1. Love the pics. Your horses are looking nice.
    Sounds like some awesome riding.