Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Monday, Tuesday and Friday's Ride!!

Daisy in the forground and Shasta with her nose in the hay and the other white horse whose head you see is Rocky

Monday Morning (Nov. 21)
  I rode Daisy to the stables this morning since I had chorus again in the evening :) When we got back I gave Daisy a bath since she was dirty...now she is so nice and clean!!

Tuesday evening Sarah, Sharon, MaryRose, Lillian and I all wore our matching dresses (will have to get a picture sometime) to go sing for Lydia. When we got back to Sharon's, MaryRose and I went out and groomed the horses (MaryRose did some of Sharon's and I did my girls). Since they were blanketed I took their blankets off and loved on them and groomed them. They both sure enjoyed that!!

Friday evening I rode again riding Daisy :) She did really good...she was acting like a brat a little but when she settled down she did better :) Sorry this is not as long as some blogs ;)

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