Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday's Updates!!

Monday (Nov. 14) morning I rode Shasta to the stables...since I have chorus in the evening I didn't go again. But when I rode Shasta she did excellant..she didn't act up at all on the way over..I was so impressed. After we were done at the stable she was very hyper but she settled down after a bit!!
Tuesday evening I rode the new horse Rocky. He is a 20 year old Quarter horse/australian stock horse cross. He is an ok horse as far as riding him...I prefer my horses over him any day :D He did really good though!!
Wednesday morning we didn't ride over to the stables...I drove my truck because we wanted to go away for lunch. I rode Curly to the place where we had lunch then. He did really good!! Then that evening Sarah and some of her brothers and I went to Sharon. Since it was raining we did groundwork. They worked with Beauty a bit on longeing and then when they were done I lunged Daisy as well as got her to move her hindquarters around...she did excellant with that!! :)
Friday morning before work I went to say hi to both horses...I groomed and loved on both of them then headed off to work. I got to Sharon in nice time in the evening. I ate some supper and went out to the barn. First I messed with Shasta a bit. I got her out on a lead rope and got her to walk nicely beside me as well as trot nicely too. I got her to move her hindquarters around and I got her to follow me without me holding onto the leadrope and also stopping her without me touching the leadrope. She did so good. I am so impressed with her!! After I worked with her for a little while I got Daisy out and rode her up to Fairmount. I had to work with her a bit as far as behaving a bit but we worked on neck reining and stopping and going where I want her to go. Once she settled down and listened it went awesome. She can be such a mess....she listens quite well at times and then others she acts like she has no clue what I am saying..silly horse!! I do have two awesome horses though...You have an awesome week and I will update you about this week as it happens ;)

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