Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tuesday and Friday's Rides!!

Tuesday evening we went to sing for the old lady again. When we got back we rode (Lillian, Sharon, Sarah, Jonathan, MaryRose, and I). I rode Daisy bareback again. I don't know how long we rode for sure but it was over an hour and we walked and TALKED the entire time!! It was very very enjoyable. I stayed overnight so I would be there Wednesday morning to go to the stables...we drove Curly to the stables and got the work done there :)

Thursday evening I decided that I am going to go for a ride on Friday morning before work. I had done this with Navajo already and with Daisy a time or two and I figured for old times sake I am going to get up early and go ride just for the fun of it :) I decided as well that I am going to ride Shasta since I would be riding by myself I would ride Miss Shasta for our first Solo Ride :) I headed out the back field at a walk...she was a bit hesitent about leaving the barn without other horses. Once I got her walking nicely she did good.....that is till she saw something. I am not quite sure what it was but she didn't want to keep walking. I turned her in a circle and then she went. As soon as we got out to the field lane we took off running. We ran up the field lane to Fairmount Homes. When we got up there we just walked till we had to cross the road...crossing the road away from home went well but walking back toward home didn't go too well...she wanted to just plunge across the road. So I stopped her and circled her back across the road and then back toward home again and she did fine both times. I was happy. We said hi to an old man that was out for a morning walk...he complimented me on how nice Shasta looked :) We soon returned back to the barn. I was so impressed with how well Shasta did. I groomed both her and Daisy and put them away and headed off to work!

Then that afternoon around 3 I got off of work. I headed over to Sharon and decided to ride again. I gave Shasta a quick bath so that she would be clean then headed off on a ride. We rode by ourselves again and she did awesome. No arguments or anything this time around. We rode for a half an hour or so once again :) It was awesome. I was so happy with how she did!! I must say she is warming up to me and coming to me in the paddock and such just like Daisy. I am so pleased with both of my girls!! Hope you have an awesome weekend!!

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