Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Riding Curly and My 18th Bday Party!!

Last evening (Monday) I went riding...Everyone (Sharon, Sarah, Jonathan, MaryRose, Lillian and I) was there too including Lillian and we were going to ride Lightning double but Sarah had decided to ride him so Lillian and I decided to ride Curly double (I had suggested him first but Lillian likes Lightning better) so we rode him then. Well when we were heading out the back field Jonathan and Sharon were cantering and Lillian was like I think I am going to ride Sundance so she hopped off of Curly and went and got Sundance. I had driven Curly in the morning to Vicky with Sharon and I had hoped to get the chance to ride him soon again :) When we got back it was close to 9 and I was saying I gotta leave...I went out to my girls and said bye and loved on them both a bit (they are together now at Sharon.....there is a new horse there (Rocky) that is for free that Sharon is going to find a new home for...he needs to be gotten into shape so that is why my girls are together..only till Rocky leaves)....Shasta came to me when I asked her too...I said come here girl and she came...it was pretty awesome....it is coming to the point she is doing better in that department than Daisy...LOL..Silly girls. Well then I was trying to leave again and Sharon was like you can at least help put the gates together for Speedy's stall right. I was like well I guess...sure. By that time I think the rest of the chores were pretty much finished....anyway I headed in for the house and everyone followed (which is unusual but I didn't think much of it). Well I opened the sliding door and everyone behind me says Surprise!!! They had my 18th bday party (which isn't until Dec 4th ;) They gave me a grooming box with Silverado, a hole punch, ankle boots for Daisy, some Granulex Spray (for wounds), and a bumper sticker that said "Horses are my Therapy". I said thank you..they so made my night...well my week really. I am so thankful for my awesome friends :) :) :) I really couldn't ask for better friends!! Anyway that was my evening ;)

I don't think I will be riding till Friday since this evening when I would be riding we have the family viewing for my uncle John (for more info on that scroll down farther). I will be working Wed morning at the stables but we might drive over instead of ride..I guess we shall see!!

Check this funny article out if you need a laugh: http://horseandman.com/musings/sneaky-tubby-mares-sheesh/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Horseandmancom+%28horseandman.com%29

For anyone that is wondering...My uncle John died on Sunday...so please pray for the family as they go have the viewing and funeral this week!! Here is the link to their blog to find out more: http://thepetersheims.wordpress.com/

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