Saturday, December 24, 2011

Friday's Ride on Daisy n Shasta!! + Christmas Caroling on Horseback!!

We didn't go Christmas caroling due to rain :( So we postponed it for Friday!
I did get to ride today...I went down to Philly with some guys from our church and a friend of mine from the youth group, Janette. We handed out tracts on the street for an hour or more, ate lunch then headed home. It was a shorter day than I planned but that was fine ;) I got back at my minister's house around 2:30.
Daisy on our ride..sorry I don't have any pics of Shasta from Friday :(

I headed down to Sharon after that. I got down there and hopped on Daisy and her and I went for a ride all on our lonesome! That was so much fun. We rode for about an hour and a quarter. She did so good and I enjoyed myself immensely. We went bareback :D :D I rode the long loop (our normal trails) and we did some cantering but we did more walking. I did let Daisy run one time!! She liked that of course..LOL! When we got back I groomed her then put her away and gave her some carrots. I got Shasta out for a bit to mess with her then put her away again.
Jonathan and Riley had gotten Rickie (the morgan) saddled up and Jonathan rode him a bit and I asked if I could ride him. I did and wow he is awesome!! ;) We are just getting him used to the area and riding him in the meadow for now. Can't wait till we can take him on a trail ride!!
We ate some supper then and after supper we headed up to Fairmount to Christmas carol on horseback. It was Denise, her daughter Taylor, Karen, my cousins (MaryRose, Sarah and their brother Josh (he rode Daisy)), Sharon, two of Karen and Denise's friends, and I (think I got everyone). We sang Christmas songs :) I rode Shasta and she did really awesome (rode her bareback at that ;) She did so some hopping and the like when the other horses were ahead of her and I asked her to stand back but nothing crazy. Must say I love that horse. Overall it was an awesome day. I got to ride both my girls and they both did good. We are going caroling again Monday night with another group and I so can't wait for that!! Hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a BLESSED NEW YEAR!!!

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