Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday's Grounwork with Daisy n Shasta!!

Tonight we took Harry (Jonathan's horse) and Rickie (Riley's horse) to the farrier to get reshod. That went well but we didn't get back to Sharon's till 8. I went and got Daisy and lunged her. She did so well with that so I got her to move her hindquarters around. I must say she did the best with that than she has ever done before!! Then I got her to move her forequarters around and she did so well with that too...I was extremely pleased. I took her out and trotted her around the house in hand and she went and stopped as I told her too! She is such an awesome horse! I gave her some carrots and then got Shasta!
I lunged Shasta at first and it took her a bit to get into rhythme but she got it. When I was pleased with how she did I then got her to move her hindquarters around. She did really well with that. Better than last time and the last time has been quite a while! I got her to move her forquarters around then and that was good. It needs improvement but that will come with time I know! I got her to back up a bit then I loved on her! Tomorrow I need to get up early (helping my aunt Barb in the bakeshop) so I left earlier than normal at Sharon. We are going Christmas caroling on horseback tomorrow evening up at Fairmount...can't wait!! Enjoy your week!!

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