Sunday, December 11, 2011

Monday, Tuesday and Friday's Ride!!

Monday: I rode Daisy this evening :) We rode for maybe an hour or more!  She did really good. She kept wanting to trot a few times when I just wanted her to walk but otherwise she did good. Before we went riding (Sharon and I) both girls had gone to the farrier. We trailered them over so we would have more time for riding. Both girls did good and Daisy is doing way better as far as standing still. She does sometimes want to act a little crazy but for the most part she does really good!! I am really proud of her!!

Tuesday: This evening Beauty (my cousin's horse) and Jack (Jonathan's horse) had a farrier appointment as well. Sharon, Jonathan and Sarah all went with Earl Dean with the pick up and trailer and their horses over to Matt (the farrier) while MaryRose and I rode over. Sharon had Bean along so that we could ride home together. I rode Shasta this evening...she did good too!! When we got over there we had to wait a little bit till the horses were done then we rode home all together. It was quite the fun evening!

Friday: This evening was LOTS of fun. MaryRose brought her friend along and she rode Lightning, MaryRose rode  Beauty, Sharon rode Bean and I rode Shasta again. Shasta did really well. The one field everyone else started running and I asked Shasta to wait a bit. This did not make her happy at all. She snorted and hopped and did everything she could to show me that she was not impressed about me asking her to walk and wait while everyone else is running. This to her was not fair. When she settled down finally I asked her to go and then I told her she may run flat out. So we pass everyone else. I had to laugh by the way Shasta was acting so then when we pass MaryRose on Beauty I hear Beauty speed up. That made me laugh all the more. I just had to chuckle. Shasta is so much fun I really enjoy her. When we got back I unsaddled her, groomed her and put her away. I got Daisy out and groomed her too then headed on home ;)

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