Saturday, December 17, 2011

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday's Rides + Thursday's Update!!

To go to the stables I rode Daisy because I would rather ride Shasta in the evening after dark with her being white and all she is easier to see ;) Daisy did really good and I was very impressed with her on that!! My cousin Josh has started helping out and that is such a big help. I am thankful that I can work with him too!! ;) Then in the evening I hopped on Shasta bareback by myself and we rode out the back field and halfway up to Fairmount. Then we turned back and Sharon and Jonathan joined us ;) It was very enjoyable!!! This is the second time I rode Shasta bareback but the last time was out of necessity :D :D I must say she did so good that I figured as long as she does well I am going to ride her bareback!!

I didn't ride at all on Tuesday evening although we did go sing for the old lady again.

We didn't ride to go to the stables because we wanted to pick up some wood to fix the one fence since Sharon, Jonathan, Karen and Denise (two ladies (boarders) from the stables we work at) were going to pick up ONE free horse Thursday. The lady giving the horse away wanted him to go to a good home so that is why she was giving him away for free (more on that later). When we got back to Sharon after work we ate some lunch then went for a ride. I rode Daisy bareback. I don't know what got into her but she was acting like a brat. I used the hackamore on here because I like to do different things and not always use the bit. Well that was my first mistake I think. She was acting a little bratty even before we left. Anyway we headed out. Now she did fine until we cantered after going thru Fairmount Homes. (We had cantered up the hill going up to the Fairmount Homes). Well she got it into her head when I asked to slow down (politely mind you) she ignored it and went plowing ahead. (I think it was payback for making her walk because she had started trotting and I told her to stop it and she was not happy about that...hehe) That is unusual for her because she usually listens quite well to what I tell her to do. So I stopped her and made her turn in a circle and on we went. She did good and then when we came back that same way we didn't canter at first but when we did she decided lets run off again. I made her go in a circle again and got her listening again. Crazy horse..hehe. Then she did fine again till on the way home. We were almost home and I always make her walk back just because I don't think it is smart to let a horse run back to the barn. We jumped the log and then I asked her to slow down and she totally ignored it. Everyone else was running and in Daisy's mind she couldn't figure out why she wasn't allowed to as well. I got her stopped and I told her you are walking back the rest of the way!! That is what we did. She is so funny because when we were back she acted like she is sorry for acting like a nut. I must say she can be quite the handful. That is why she is so interesting and that is why I love her. Life is NEVER dull with her around to say the least!!! She has so many moods and she can be so grouchy sometimes! Anyway hopefully the next time I ride her she does better ;)

I stopped in at Sharon to say hi to my horses and to see Jonathan's new horse!! Well I look in the paddock where he was going to be and a small very beautiful looking horse catches my eye!! Then I see a bigger horse that looks similar to Jack but I can tell it isn't Jack. And on the smaller horse I see on his blanket the name Rickie is on it. I knew Jonathan's new horses name is Harry (registered as "Flirty Harry"...gotta love Thoroughbred's names). So I called Sharon and was like who is the other horse? And she said well they went expecting to just get one horse but Rickie (a registered morgan) was for free as well and they thought of Riley (Navajo's owner...will tell you more about that then too :D) and him wanting another horse! I don't know if Riley will be getting Rickie or not but if he does that would be awesome. Anyway I like the morgan a lot and can't wait to ride him. He is so gorgeous looking that is for sure!!! Here are Rickie and Harry!
Rickie the morgan
Harry the Thoroughbred
and for good measure here is Jack Jonathan's other horse ;)
So there you have the pics of the horses ;)
Now last night we went riding again. Sharon, MaryRose and I. Sharon on Bean, MaryRose on Beauty and me on Shasta (bareback). We did the big loop (trails) we usually go on. Shasta and I were first most of the time and she did so well. I am so proud of how she is doing. I told Sharon and MaryRose that buying Shasta and having her come this far in the time I have her makes me feel like I bought a horse that is worth something...same with Daisy. But I must say it was a goal of mine to be able to ride Shasta bareback without having to worry about her acting up all the time!! That is so awesome and also the fact that I can mount her anywhere anytime without her throwing a temper tantrum about it..hehe! I am so thankful for both my horses and that I have been able to come so far with them both. I have ideas and such that I still want to do with them and there are things I want to train them but I am in no hurry!! ;) When we got back from riding I groomed Shasta, put her blanket on and then gave her a carrot and put her away. I got Daisy out and groomed her, put her blanket back on then gave her a carrot. I gave some of the other horses some carrots too :) Then before I left I gave both my girls more carrots. Shasta was on the other side of her paddock and I went into Daisy's to give them both carrots and I said here Shasta and she comes running over for a carrot. I give both her and Daisy one then pat them and headed on my way home.
Here is a quote I found this week and thought it was really good:
We are called to be women. The fact that I am a woman does not make me a different kind of Christian but the fact I am a Christian does make me a different women. For I have accepted God's idea of me and my whole life is an offering back to him of all that I am and all that he wants me to be. -Elizabeth Elliot

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