Friday, December 30, 2011

Monday, Wednesday and Friday's Rides!!

morning: In the morning I rode Daisy over to the stables. She did really well and she wasn't to grouch ;) She can be so impressive at times :D
evening: In the evening we went up to Fairmount Homes with a wagon load of people and a bunch of us on horseback. I rode Shasta and she did really well. Now Daisy was grouchy...really grouchy :D She doesn't like to stand still for long but she HATES walking then stopping to sing then walking again and NO RUNNING...she was not happy at all. Shasta didn't mind this at all...she did get a bit hyper when Sarah let Rose Mary ride Daisy and Daisy wasn't behaving so I was ponying Daisy off of Shasta. I was impressed though with how Shasta did. I was bareback as well. Overall though it was an awesome evening!!
I rode Shasta bareback over to the stables. Josh was along on Beauty and Sharon on Bean. I was really happy though with how Shasta did!!
Tonight Daisy did good. I rode her with the bit and also with the stirrups and we did do some running but not terribly much. It was just Sharon and I :) What Daisy needed to get over her grouchiness was some work which is what she got this evening. Tomorrow I am taking my Mom and my two sisters riding and I will be riding Shasta!! Daisy sure can be funny sometimes but I love her and her quircky self ;) When we got back from riding I groomed Daisy and Shasta and loved on both of them and then they got their supper!! I hope to have pics from tomorrow then!! Have an awesome weekend and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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