Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday's Rides and Friday's Ride and Groundwork!!

Saturday: I did take my mom and sisters riding last Saturday then. Mom rode Lightning, Rose Mary rode Sundance, Rachel rode Speedy (and my cousins and their mom was along as well), Fannie (my aunt) rode Curly, Sarah and her sister Kate rode their Beauty, and MaryRose rode Daisy ;) We did some cantering and pretty much walking but EVERYONE had fun. Oh and I rode Shasta..haha. She did ok...I forgot how hyped up she gets in a group..LOL. I wanted to take some pics of trees and the rest of the group went ahead and wow did she get cross. The pics got ok but not like I had wanted them to because Miss Shasta didn't want to stand still. She did her normal hop d skip thing but I felt like I could handle her and I didn't feel unsafe just because I was riding bareback. Her tantrum wasn't near like it would have been if I would have done the same thing when I first got her. That part is a definite improvement. Despite that she did good ;) Mom was sure I was going to fall off and a few times it was close but I wasn't worried ;)

 Sharon and I not pictured

Monday: In the morning I rode Shasta over to the stables where we work bareback (I have been riding her all bareback lately and she does so well). She did really well and listens to whatever I ask pretty much. I am so pleased that I bought her and that she is turning out way above and beyond my expectations this far ahead already.
Then in the evening I rode Daisy. I honestly don't remember where we rode for some reason but I know I rode her :D I did ride her with the stirrups and not bareback because she had been being a bit of a grump lately but with the work she had been getting she is a lot less of one ;) She is such a funny horse sometimes but I love her!!

Tuesday: I had worked for the lady I usually work for Fridays for a  couple of hours and I got off early so I got to Sharon nice and early. I tacked Daisy up in English and Sharon and I rode the whole loop. It was so interesting watching Daisy because she had had the english saddle on her already before here at home and also at Sharon's but I hadn't used it on her in a really long time. Anyway we were going out the back field and Daisy was really listening to me. It was so interesting to watch because you could tell by her ears that she knew she had something different on. I really enjoyed riding her with the english saddle again. I think I will be using it more on here. It fits Shasta too ;)
Then in the evening when MaryRose and Sarah came I rode Shasta bareback. We rode for a nice hour and as usual Shasta did really well ;) I must say I am constantly impressed with her!!! I know I say that about everytime I write about her but I really am :D

Wednesday: Since I had ridden both my horses twice already and I badly wanted to ride a different horse I rode Curly to the stables. He was being a brat at first but he settled down. I had ridden him bareback and I guess he thought with the combination of it being cold and all he could be bad. Well he found out different. He kept wanting to canter really choppily which I know that he can canter really smooth. So I slowed him down and then he cantered nicely. He is so funny :) On the way home for the stables he did so awesome. He cantered a really slow canter with no problem. He holds a special place in my heart!!

Friday: Yesterday (Friday) I went on a ride with Riley, his brother Trevor and Sharon. I got to ride the morgan (Rickie) (at Riley's request..he is the one that owns him). I rode him thru the creek for the first time and he did good. I really think he will make an excellant horse for Riley!! When we got back from riding I took Riley home then came back to Sharon. Sharon had a supper with Earl Dean at his work so I had the evening to myself. So I got Shasta and longed her in the roundpen. I got her to walk and trot with just voice commands, my body language and just raising or lowering or cracking the whip. She DID just AWESOME. Way better than I expected. She did better this way than with even the lunge line. To get her to walk I would say walk and slow down my movement and she would slow down to a walk. Then for her to trot I would say TEROT and I would raise the whip. If she didn't trot I would repeat it and crack the whip and then she would trot. Toward the end I didn't even need to crack the whip. It was just awesome. Then when I was done I got her to face me and I turned away and she came to me immediately. Usually she has to decide but nope she came to me right away. It was SO AWESOME!!! <3 After she had followed me around I hopped on her with just a leadrope as reins and bareback and rode around the roundpen. She did good ;) Wouldn't try it out in the open right away but I was impressed. We also worked on some flexing and that sort of thing. I feel our bond deepened last night in a way it wasn't before. It was awesome!!

Sorry the quality of the pics aren't the best...they were taken in the barn at night last evening and in black and white ;)

I put Shasta outside again after I brushed her and I went and got Daisy. I did the exact same thing with Daisy as I did with Shasta as far as longing her. She did good as well but not quite as good as Shasta. I did like that when I asked either horse to turn though they BOTH turned toward me to make their turn. That I really like! Anyway Daisy followed me too. Then I brought Shasta in after I had brushed Daisy. I didn't really know what else I was going to do but I wanted to let both my girls be together for a bit before Sarah and MaryRose came. Well I had hopped on Shasta with a leadrope you know I figured I am just going to do the same with Daisy minus the leadrope. I got on her and she was walking around. She was by the one gate and sticking her head over it and kept bothering Harry so I used my right leg and got her to move. I had just used my leg not really expecting her to do anything as she wasn't trained for it and hasn't ever been. She moved. Well then right away I was like lets see what all you do when I do use my legs to tell you to move. She moved in a circle when I pushed my right leg against her side. She didn't do it when I used my left leg but that gave me an idea. I hopped off of her and using my hand I pushed against her side and she moved her hindquarters around. I did the same on both sided. I didn't have ahold of her head or anything. I was like wow (she had done this when I have a leadrope on her and when I am telling her not to go front but never just out of the blue like this). She didn't move front she just did exactly what I asked her to do. Then I did the same with her forequarters...same result (although she did move forward I did get her to move over without moving forward). I was so happy. She is way farther ahead than I even realized!! ;) I was so very pleased!! After I praised her I got off of Daisy and got Shasta and her together and took some pics ;) They didn't turn out the best because of the lighting and it being dark.
MaryRose and Sarah came and then the deciding came on who to ride. I wanted to ride Daisy but yet not really and I didn't really feel like riding Shasta...don't know what my issue was. Sarah said she would ride Daisy and then I said then I will ride their Beauty..bareback ;) And Maryrose rode Lightning bareback. Sarah rode Daisy with the stirrups. We headed out and went up to Fairmount Trails. Sharon caught up to us then ;) It was overall a very enjoyable evening..I got to ride twice (neither horses mine) and I got to do groundwork and spend time with both my horses. Now since I wrote a book I will sign off ;) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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