Friday, January 27, 2012

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday's Rides!!

Monday morning I rode Shasta to the stables :) Again :) I really like riding her because she is so smooth and if we do a lot of cantering I just like her the best for that. I had chorus in the evening so I didn't see my girls that evening then!

Tuesday evening I didn't ride..I got some snaffle bits out and wanted to mess with both horses in them. I did mess with Shasta a little bit but not for long or much because she was favoring her left front leg. I did get her to stop and back up in the O ring snaffle (with copper in the mouth). I groomed both my girls and loved on them a bit. Shasta's hoof was hot so we figured she might have an abcess so we called the farrier to make an appointment for the morning!

Wednesday: I rode Sundance and ponied Shasta off of her. She wasn't favoring her leg all that much. The farrier checked her leg and no abcess and she was sound as a dollar going home. Not sure what was up till today (Friday).

Friday...I got off of work a bit early and went and took some pics of my girls:

They did do well though :) Here are some good ones of them:

 Daisy n Shasta

I had gone in the morning to work with Shasta and take pics. I used the snaffle bit that I had used on Tuesday evening and worked her in the ring for a bit. She did well and stopped and flexed nicely. She backed nicely too. I got her to do some turns on her haunches...her foot wasn't bothering her at all at that time.
I decided to work her a bit around the house and see how she does. She did really well but got mad when I asked her to stand still nicely. I just asked her to stop and that made her mad. It was kinda funny because she walked and trotted really nice but boy when you ask her to stop and she wants to go...temper tantrum. So I got her to go thru a puddle and stopped her in the middle of the puddle...she didn't like that at all. She hates puddles and then being asked to stand in the middle of one..that is againes Shasta's RULES :D She was pawing and snorting but she did stand nicely. I got her to stand nicely a time or two after that and then I got off of her and took her in the barn :) I then groomed both her and Daisy and put them away and went off to work!

Which brings us back to me taking pics of the girls. After taking pics of them I went in and ate supper with Sharon. By then MaryRose had come and her and I went on a on Daisy and her on Lightning. We just rode around Fairmount Homes on the macadam (sp). But we worked on Lightning going first and Daisy being asked to stop and stand nicely still while Lightning keeps going. We did the same with Daisy going first and Lightning stopping. They both did well :) It was so much fun just working with the horses in that way...something fun and fulfiling about that. Then Sharon and Sarah met up with us and we rode around the Fairmount Homes one more time (MaryRose and I had made two loops around it before they came). Then we went back to the barn and I groomed Daisy really good and just spent some time with her.

We (Daisy n I) had an argument because she wanted to run me over so I got her to back up and stand still. She kept moving forward and sideways and each time I brought her back to where she started off in the first place. She got it eventually and then we went in the barn and got her blanket. I put her away and got Shasta out. I groomed her really well and braided a small braid in her forlock and also a small braid in her mane. I tried to do it with Daisy but she kept moving her head to much and it was a tad to windy outside to do it anyway :) I will try another day! Back to Shasta I noticed she was favoring her front left foot again so we are taking her back to the farrier and hopefully he will find an abcess!! Overall I had a very awesome week with my horses!

I am so blessed to own two wonderful horses!!

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