Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday's Rides!!

Monday morning and Tuesday evening I didn't ride. Monday since we worked at the stables we normally would have ridden but I didn't feel well and it was quite cold so we didn't ride. I did redo Daisy's braids and they looked quite nice! I had chorus practice that evening as well so I didn't go to Sharon then. Tuesday evening Jonathan came but we didn't ride then either. :D

My dad went into the hospital to get a hernia removed and when they did surgery they found that his appendix had burst so he was in the hospital from Sunday night (when he went in) till Friday afternoon. He is home now and recovering! Thanks to all who prayed!!

Wednesday morning I decided to ride Daisy in the english saddle to the stables. I haven't ridden her over to the stables in quite a while just because we have a lot of road to ride on (I usually ride in the ditch but still) and Shasta is nicer to ride over there when we are cantering a lot! One perk to owning a Paso-Fino ;) When we got back to the barn I redid her braids! I didn't work for my aunt instead I went home to be with my mom and sisters (we did visit dad that evening in the hospital).

Some scenery on the way to Matt!

My two girls in the meadwo :)

Daisy n I on the trail ride

MaryRose and Beauty

Friday/Saturday: Friday evning MaryRose, Sarah, Josh and I all rode. MaryRose rode Daisy bareback, I rode Shasta (bareback), Sarah rode Misty (bareback) and Josh rode Beauty with my English saddle. We just went up to Fairmount home and around and then came back! It was calling for snow that night and Earl Dean and Sharon, MaryRose, Sarah, their brother Josh, Alta (Jonathan's Sister), Riley (the guy who has Navajo and now Ricky) and I were all planning to go to the Horse World Expo in MD. Sarah, Josh and MaryRose and I stayed at Sharon's overnight. MaryRose and I in a very spontaneous moment decided to sleep out in the barn on the hay ;) We had carriage blankets (which are WARM) layed down on the straw with us on top then a sleeping bag on top of us. We stayed quite warm. We woke up in the morning to 4 inches of snow on the ground. Well it was decided that everyone but MaryRose and I will go to the Expo and since we didn't go along they figured it would be better to go in the truck due to snow. MaryRose and I decided to head out on a ride. She rode their Beauty and I rode Daisy both bareback! Sharon called us and was like could you take Curly to Matt  (farrier) to get reshod. So we turned around and got Curly. I rode him bareback and MaryRose used my English Saddle (which she liked) a lot! Then on the way back she rode Curly bareback and I rode Beauty. When we got back we decided to go in the house and warm up (it had been snowing the whole time and we were quite cold). We ate some food then I slept while MaryRose read. I got up around 3 and we ate some supper then went out and did chores around 5 so Sharon wouldn't have to do them when she got back. I took some pics of my girls in the was so funny because I took both girls blankets off and then led Shasta outside leaving the tack room door open so Daisy could walk thru. She didn't come right away so I closed the one door. Then I heard clop clop clop and opened the door and Daisy peeks out. It was just too cute ;) Then I took them into the meadow and let them stretch their legs a bit! I groomed Daisy and put her blanket on and put her away! After that MaryRose and I went riding me on Shasta (bareback) and her on Curly (bareback). When we got back I put Shasta away and MaryRose and I groomed Curly and braided his mane ;) We had quite a lot of fun. Then we went in the house and drank some coffe and played Uno till eveyrone got home!! Overall it was an awesome day!
Curly's braids

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