Saturday, February 4, 2012

Monday, Tuesday, and Friday's Rides!

Monday: Shasta was still favoring her leg so I decided to give her the week off and not ride her. So I rode Daisy instead ;) I don't really like riding her over to the stables but she wasn't to bad. Some days she is worse than others. She enjoyed working though! I had chorus again in the evening so I didn't ride anyone then.
Tuesday: This evening we had an appointment at the farriers...Shasta had gone the week before and Daisy needed to be done yet. She did the best she ever did for the farrier!! I was happy. We walked home and Daisy did well for me!! I loved on Shasta a bit then as well!

Thursday: I did write about today already..didn't ride but loved on my girls a bit before going to put Navajo down.

Friday: I got off from work early so I got to Sharon around 3:30 in the afternoon. I lunged Shasta first thing and she was sound. I first lunged her with the line and then without the line. I was so impressed. I could get her to stop and face me then I was able to send her off into the next direction. I was so pleased with her. She walked and trotted as I told her to. She does the best with lunging than any other horse I ever lunged or worked with. Since it was such a warm day I gave her a bath...she seemed to enjoy it and she looked SO PRETTY!!! 

 after Shasta's bath!

Then I lunged her again after her bath to see if she was still sound (the last time I had done something similar and she was lame again so we thought it might be an abcess but her hoof isn't warm anymore and I don't know what was up but she is sound now ;) and she was. I hopped on her a bit and rode her down the road and she enjoyed that ;) When we got back I brushed out her mane and tail and braided a small piece of her mane with some purple ribbon. I had put Silverodo (like show sheen) in her mane and tail and all over her body so hopefully she stays a bit cleaner..hehe!

I then ate some supper and chatted with Sharon for a while. Before going home then I lunged Daisy. I just used the lunge line and my walk and trot commands and she did great. The best I think than she ever did before! I was so pleased with her. I braided her mane with one braid and a blue ribbon...I didn't get to give her a bath but if it gets warm again I will :) I brushed her and loved on her then headed home. Overall it was an awesome evening with my horses!!

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