Friday, March 30, 2012

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday's Rides + Laying Daisy n Shasta Down!

Tuesday: I took Rachel along to ride and she rode Speedy and since I wanted to ride my own horse but Shasta I wanted our next time to be a training session I decided to use Daisy. She needed a nice relaxing ride anyway due to the last two times being training sessions ;) Daisy did really well. I was so pleased. She only trotted a couple times in the beginning and I did what I did when working on it in the meadow and she listened for the rest of the time. I was so happy!! Rachel enjoyed herself as well. I was cleaning up the piles in the girls paddock (both girls are together now) and Rachel rode Speedy around the main ring bareback. She is a daring little girl ;) Overall it was an awesome evening!

Wednesday: We took six horses to the farrier (Sharon, my cousin Chris and I). I rode Curly and ponied Sundance, Sharon rode Bean and ponied Speedy, and Chris rode Beauty and ponied Misty! So we spent the morning there and afterwards I went to work!

Friday: This evening when I got to Sharon she was getting ready for a group of riders. Riley wanted to ride but since his horse Rickie is now at his place and Lightning was lame there weren't enough of horses for him to ride so I told him he could ride Shasta since I wanted to work with Daisy! After they left I was thinking about this video I had seen of laying down horses without putting to much stress on them and that it didn't take long. I had thought of this all week long and thought you know what I am going to try it on Daisy. The last time we tried it it didn't go well at all. Well this time I layed her down in less than 5 minutes and she didn't fight at all!! I was so surprised..I really praised her for doing well though. She even layed flat out without me asking her to. Then I went and sat beside her and she layed her head on my lap...I just couldn't believe it!!!! She layed there for quite a while. I saw that the one foal was out so I got up to get him and when I got back Daisy was up ;) I took her outside and layed her down again and praised her again. Then she got up and I let her eat grass and have the evening off as her reward. When the riders came back I decided to try to lay Shasta down! She layed down really well too and I praised her and loved on her too. She got to have the evening off as well. She actually stayed down for a while after I layed her down and then I layed her down again and praised her then put her away. I got pics of both girls laying down and I plan to put them up here either tomorrow or Sunday!! I am so proud of my girls and the fact that I got them to lay down. Shasta had been taught it by the previous owner but as far as I know this was only the 4th time Daisy was layed down and the last two times I didn't like the way we did it. This time I did it on my own and I like this way better!!
Tomorrow I got to Blue Marsh but I am riding Speedy due to both my girls being so pregnant!! I am really looking forward to it!! Hope you all have an awesome weekend!!

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